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OPIRG’s Resource Centre is not limited to the library.  We also offer a variety of other resources to OPIRG action groups, OPIRG research projects and sometimes to allied community organizations who request OPIRG’s assistance.








Paint, paper, office space and more








OPIRG has some space in the office for working on sustainability or social justice projects such as zines, pamphlets and banner making.  We also have a supply of materials such as paint, paper, fabric, rope, etc. Action group and research project volunteers are welcome to visit the OPIRG office during our office hours to find out more and to work on their projects.












Button maker










One of our most popular items is our button maker.  Our volunteers make unique buttons to promote their action groups and their social justice projects.  Community groups working on similar issues may also request access to OPIRG’s button maker.  The button making equipment stays at the OPIRG office and our staff and volunteers are happy to teach others how to use it.  You can come to the office with your completed design or you can draw or design your button at OPIRG. We charge 10 cents per button to cover the cost of supplies.  (Photocopy charges may also apply.)












Audio-visual equipment








OPIRG has a megaphone, a projector, a video camera, a sound system and related equipment.  The equipment is available free to OPIRG’s action groups and research projects for their activities.  The technical equipment should be reserved in advance and returned immediately following the event.  To reserve any of our audio-visual supplies, either come to the office or email ronda@opirg-gripo.ca (for action groups) or contact the Resource Centre Coordinator at  gripocampus@gmail.com.  Allied community groups may also ask the OPIRG Board for permission to borrow OPIRG’s technical equipment.








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