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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is OPIRG’s relationship with the Student Federation?

OPIRG-Ottawa is an independent organization whose funding was secured via a  referendum of the Student Federation (SFUO) in 1978. The terms of the agreement set out that the SFUO would play an intermediary role in the collection of the student levy, while OPIRG would be run separately by its own elected board of directors.

Who are the members of OPIRG?

All undergraduate students and all full-time students of the University of Ottawa, with the exception of Special Students and students who have been given a refund of their OPIRG contribution, are members of OPIRG-Ottawa.  Others can purchase a community membership for $5 to $10, based upon their ability to pay.  OPIRG members in good standing can borrow OPIRG’s books and documentary films and participate in the OPIRG board elections by voting and/or running for a board position.  In order to be eligible to vote in OPIRG board elections, registration for a community membership in OPIRG must be completed at least 30 days before the election.

Can I volunteer for OPIRG?

OPIRG-Ottawa volunteers include students, University staff, and a wide variety of community members who enjoy gardening, information tabling, translating, helping with OPIRG’s Resource Centre or sitting on OPIRG’s board of directors.  Many others volunteer with OPIRG’s various action groups or research projects.  For more information, please email  ronda@opirg-gripo.ca or call OPIRG at 613-562-5800 (extension 4365).

How to make a proposal to OPIRG's Board

Groups who are organizing events related to social, environmental or economic justice can request various forms of assistance from OPIRG, including  endorsement, promotion, co-sponsorship or funding.  Email the board about your group, your event, your expenses, how the expenses will be covered, what sort of assistance you are seeking and how we can contact you for more information.  Please email the OPIRG Board at opirgripo.board@gmail.com  

Who can vote and run for the OPIRG board?

OPIRG members (see above) in good standing can participate in the elections by voting and/or running for a board position.  Registration for a community membership in OPIRG must be completed at least 30 days before the election in order to be eligible to vote.

What is the selection process for the OPIRG action groups you support?

OPIRG-Ottawa supports a variety of campus-based volunteer groups whose initiatives contribute to social, economic or environmental justice. Groups can apply for action group status by completing the application form and submitting it to OPIRG’s board of directors. The board of directors reviews the applications and approves the ones which best reflect OPIRG’s mandate, which is to support initiatives fostering social, environmental and economic justice.

Does OPIRG offer a refund?

If a student does not wish to contribute to OPIRG’s work, they can request a refund of their $3.89 contribution (or $2.50 for graduate students).  To obtain a refund cheque, you must bring your valid student card as well as your university registration and proof of payment for the current semester. The refund periods are normally held in November, March and August.  Please contact OPIRG to confirm the exact dates and times.



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