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Undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa, as well as full-time graduate students, are members of the Ottawa-OPIRG since the student referenda of 1977 (for undergraduate students) and of 2011 (for graduate students). It is also possible for non-students to become community members and to accordingly have access to the Ottawa-OPIRG resources! You can do so by stopping by office at 85 University 215 D University Centre* and paying the membership fees of 5.00$-10.00$, sliding scale.

*Our office is located on the Jock Turcot building in the middle of campus live. Please email us at + opirgripo@gmail.com or call us at ) 613-562-5800 Ext: 4364/4365 for accommodations.

All members have access to the Ottawa-OPIRG resources, such as radical books, zines, DVDs, etc. from our Resource Centre. The members are also deciding on the direction of the Ottawa-OPIRG through the election of the Board of Directors, and they can themselves run for election!  Both members and community can take part in our research program, apply for funding, join action groups, and attend our events.

If you wish to get reimbursed from your automatic student contribution, you can do so once a semester (fall, winter, summer), by stopping by the Ottawa-OPIRG office or by our reimbursement table located in an accessible space on campus. Please contact us at 613-562-5800 Ext: 4364/4365 to know the exact date of our refund weeks and where on campus our table will be located this year.


Part of the uOttawa community since 1978.
Impliqué dans la communauté de l’UOttawa depuis 1978

85 University 215 D University Centre /
85, rue Université 215 D au Centre Universitaire.
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

613-562-5800 Ext: / Poste : 4364/4365
FAX: 613-562-5693

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