What is OPIRG-Ottawa?

OPIRG-Ottawa is an organization that works on research, education and initiatives which support social, environmental and economic justice. It is a student-levied organization based at the University of Ottawa that facilitates and supports campus and community activism in Ottawa and that strives to work in anti-oppressive ways. OPIRG-Ottawa has a Resource Centre, a Research Program, and supports volunteer Action Groups on our campus.  OPIRG has organized events such as the 2016 Summit on Statelessness, the 2012 Forum on Sex Work in Canada: Working it from Every Angle, and several years of ALTernative 101, the radical orientation week at the University of Ottawa.

How does OPIRG-Ottawa work?

OPIRG-Ottawa has five permanent staff and many, many volunteers, including a democratically elected Board of Directors. There are nine positions on the Board, the majority of which are held by students at the University of Ottawa.

OPIRG’s Board of Directors is responsible for determining the programming, priorities, budgeting, and policies of the organization.