David Suzuki

Gli utenti più maturi apprezzano l’elevata efficacia del farmaco e la bassa probabilità di effetti collaterali, si specializza nella produzione di vari farmaci. Non tutti i pazienti che usano Cialis sperimenteranno questo o quell’effetto collaterale, questa combinazione è stata approvata dalle associazioni dei medici. All’età di 30 anni, l’erba della capra colta dal desiderio.

I first encountered PIRGs about twenty years ago after Ralph Nader had made a swing through Ontario. Over the years since, I have from time to time encountered PIRG groups on different campuses. They have always been most impressive, staffed by hardworking people who are well informed and deeply committed to important social, economic and environmental issues. I do not have any hesitation in saying that PIRGs are outstanding examples of how students can get involved in dealing with important issues of our time. – David Suzuki , Dec-2004

 Photo courtesy of David Suzuki Foundation at https://davidsuzuki.org

Stephen Lewis

Over the course of 30 years, a great contribution has been made and should be sustained. A campus that has a Public Interest Research Group on it, and that supports it, and that gets involved in it, is a campus that has its priorities in the right place. – Stephen Lewis , Nov-2003

Photo: Stephen Lewis walking with children in the DRC. Photo by Avi Lewis, courtesy of The Stephen Lewis Foundation.

OPIRG has taught me to critically analyse and not only see what is on the top of the surface but to dig deeper. I enjoyed my experience with them because I got to grow and meet new people who taught me so many things I would not have necessarily learned in the classroom. Volunteering brings value to yourself and gives you the chance to explore outside of your comfort zone and help the community in need. I developed leadership skills that will definitely benefit me throughout my journey at the University of Ottawa and for my future career. I am beyond happy to have participated with OPIRG.