OPIRG’s Board of Directors

Our Board Members are dedicated people who collaborate in support of socio-economic, political, gender, racial and environmental justice.

The board of administration’s role is to insure that OPIRG-Ottawa fulfills its mandate, to define goals, and establish the organization’s general direction.  The board’s decisions are made by consensus and work towards reflecting anti-oppressive principles as much as possible.  These decisions include, but are not limited to, the creation of policies, directing programming in collaboration with OPIRG’s employees, and managing the budget and other resources.  The board is made up of nine directors who are democratically elected by OPIRG’s members.  The board’s composition is mainly undergraduate and graduate students, with some community members.

OPIRG-Ottawa’s board of administration elections take place each year, usually in March.  All members in good standing can run in the elections.  Directors are elected for a mandate of one year (which begins immediately and which is renewable for an additional year without an election).  In between elections, the board may appoint new board members to fill vacant positions.

Current Board Members









Proposals to the Board

OPIRG may grant requests by campus and community organizations or individuals for endorsements, outreach, equipment loans, funding or other assistance in support of initiatives serving the public interest.

  1. Here is the Board proposal form.
  2. Either fill out the form or send an email to explain what you are doing and how OPIRG could assist you.
  3. Submit it to our office or email  opirgripo.board@gmail.com