Our Members

Undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa, as well as full-time graduate students, are members of OPIRG-Ottawa.  Both the undergraduate and the graduate students voted (in 1977 and in 2011, respectively) to support the work of our campus OPIRG office and its volunteers.  (Note that special students and students who obtain a refund of their OPIRG contribution are not OPIRG members).  Others can become OPIRG community members by visiting OPIRG in room 215D of the University Centre building at 85 University Private* and paying the membership fee of from $5.00 to $10.00, based on ability to pay.

*Our office is located in the Jock Turcot (University Centre) building on campus. Please email us at opirgripo@gmail.com or call us at  613-562-5800 Ext: 4364/4365 for accommodations.

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All members have access to the OPIRG Resource Centre’s radical books, zines and DVDs. The members also help to set OPIRG-Ottawa’s priorities by voting for OPIRG Board candidates, and they can also run for election to the Board!  Becoming a member is also a wonderful way to help support OPIRG’s work!

If you do not wish to support OPIRG’s work, each semester you can get a reimbursement of your automatic student contribution.  Please contact us at 613-562-5800 Extension 4364 or ext. 4365 to ask when the refund weeks will happen and how you can obtain your refund.