OPIRG-GRIPO, your campus-based organization supporting social justice initiatives, is holding its annual general assembly on April 2nd. Come find out about the activities and research we have been involved in over the last year, and also to discuss the next year!

As many people are surely aware, the coming year will be a challenging one for OPIRG as we adjust to major changes brought by the provincial government to the post-education sector. This AGM and the board elections will be an occasion to discuss our approach.

From 5 to 6 pm, dinner will be served in UCU 215 and there will be time to mingle between participants. The general meeting will begin at 6 PM.

Please note that on the same day, we will be holding elections for our board of directors. The results will be announced during the general meeting. More information about our board and how to run for the election can be found here:

Full schedule:

10 AM to 5 PM: Election (booth in Morrisset 2nd floor)

5 PM: Free Dinner + Networking (UCU 215)

6 PM: Annual General Meeting begins

5 PM to 7 PM: Voting continues in UCU 215

After 7 PM: Announcement of election results

All students who haven’t opted out are considered members and can fully participate in our AGM and elections. We also welcome all community members who have an interest in our activities!