OPIRG Ottawa University – Annual General Meeting – Agenda

Thursday, November 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm

The AGM will be virtual.

Zoom link here


An annual general meeting (AGM) is a meeting of the general membership of an organization: that is, our staff, our Board of Directors, our Volunteers, our Action Groups, our Research Projects, and our Circle of Elders.

These meetings may be required by the organization’s constitution. The meeting is held to conduct business on behalf of the organization.

An organization may conduct its business at the annual general meeting. The business may include electing a board of directors, taking important decisions regarding the flow of the organization, and informing the members of previous and future activities.

At this meeting, members of our organization may learn about the financial situation of the organization, including fiscal information for the past year. Members will be able to ask any questions regarding the directions that will be taken in the future of the organization. Everything is summarized in our Annual Report which will be accessible at our AGM.

At the annual general meeting, the Chairman of the organization presides over and conducts the meeting and may give an overall status of the organization. The secretary prepares the minutes and may be asked to read important papers. The Finance Coordinator may present a financial report, on paper and orally. Other Coordinators, the board of directors, our Circle of Elders, and our Research Coordinator give their reports. Attending this meeting are the members of the organization.


  1. Land Acknowledgement
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Approve Minutes of the last AGM,
  4. Introduce outgoing Board Members,
  5. Election results (held October 19th)
  6. Motion to acclaim newly elected Board members
  7. Motion to approve auditor, Baker Tilly Ottawa LLP

  8. Motion to approve Constitutional Amendments and Bylaws Amendments

  9. Keynote Speakers (TBA).

  10. Closing of 2022 Annual General Meeting

Newly Elected Board Members

Charles Paul

The standing nominee is Charles Paul. Within the first-year program of Honours in Commerce at Telfer. Specializing in Business Technology Management, planning to absorb Management and Marketing as final assets. Volunteer enthusiast, with 70 hours of experience. The professional background of 592 hours. 240 hours of employment training expertise. Gained insightful awareness to accommodate people part of the LGTBQ community, and people with disabilities. Harassment prevention and equality advocacy are emphasized as well. Certifications are available upon request. 180 hours of catering ensures customer satisfaction is guaranteed. A further 172 hours of beverage maintenance provide additional healthy clientele relationships. All experience was done with colleagues resulting in a safe and inclusive volunteering/work environment. Over 20 hours of door-to-door canvassing for Hillcrest Public Highschool’s annual Cancer Drive. Serving in 2018 and 2020, respectively earning $900 dollars during the former, and over $1000 for the latter. Due to their passion for the spiritually beneficial aspects of music, provides substantial operational service to RBC’s Bluesfest. Dedicated 30 hours in 2019 as an alternate (assisting fellow RBC volunteers in various roles). Designated to be able to acquire niche knowledge and implement them on an hourly basis. Post covid, this year’s event saw a deficit of over 300 support staff. Undertaking vigorously demanding positions only provided yours truly with 20 hours of opportunity, even as a veteran. Beverages of alcoholic varieties were sold to 4000 customers. Fast scanning of identifications and verification partook vital analytic competencies. Among a team of 8 peers, collectively 8000 clients’ bikes were parked and valeted. Memorization of routes and placement undertook great organization skills.

Adamant on comprehending a host of familiarities including but not limited to:

  • Motivating, informing, and being proactive with peers
  • Recognizing the environmental impact on society
  • Encouraging regional and international respect and care for the ecosystem
  • Countering any discrimination such as gender, sexual, racial, class, and ability
  • Cooperating with colleagues and providing inclusivity to all
  • Contributing to social justice and environmental movements

Amro Habash

My name is Amro Habash, I am a 19-year-old undergraduate Health Sciences student at the University of Ottawa. I am an active volunteer, whole blood and plasma donor, and committed advocate for equality, accessibility, and inclusion. I have a lot of interest in the OPIRG as a platform to promote awareness of contemporary issues and take community action – finding and implementing fair and sustainable solutions to the many, often overlooked, problems that different, diverse, groups face in their day-to-day lives. Admittedly, as a second-year student who is still new to life on campus following the COVID pandemic, I have limited experience in OPIRG community action group initiatives. However, I hope to work in tandem with the OPIRG in the future to participate in and promote the movement. By getting involved with OPIRG, I aspire to build leadership and technical skills and gain experience by participating in and leading community action, social awareness, and empowerment events and initiatives. Taking part in OPIRG’s greater structure as an organization would also serve as a very valuable experience for me in management, professional behavior, and participation in critical problem-solving and real-life situations. It would also serve as an access point for opportunities to make contributions to the body of knowledge in the field of social, environmental, and economic justice and my own life-long learning. In terms of my portfolios of interest, it only depends on availability as I am confident in my ability to handle leadership, organizational, or technical roles depending on what is currently open.

Je m’appelle Amro Habash, je suis un étudiant de 19 ans en sciences de la santé à l’Université d’Ottawa. Je suis un bénévole actif, un donneur de sang total et de plasma, et un défenseur engagé de l’égalité, de l’accessibilité et de l’inclusion. Je m’intéresse beaucoup au GRIPO en tant que plateforme de sensibilisation aux enjeux contemporains et d’action communautaire – pour trouver et mettre en œuvre des solutions équitables et durables aux nombreux problèmes, souvent négligés, auxquels des groupes différents et diversifiés sont confrontés dans leur vie quotidienne. Il est vrai qu’en tant qu’étudiant de deuxième année qui est encore nouveau dans la vie du campus après la pandémie de COVID, j’ai une expérience limitée des initiatives du groupe d’action communautaire GRIPO. Cependant, j’espère pouvoir travailler en tandem avec le GRIPO à l’avenir pour participer au mouvement et le promouvoir. En m’impliquant dans le GRIPO, j’aspire à développer des compétences techniques et de leadership et à acquérir de l’expérience en participant et en dirigeant des événements et des initiatives d’action communautaire, de sensibilisation sociale et d’autonomisation. Prendre part à la structure plus importante du GRIPO en tant qu’organisation me permettrait également d’acquérir une expérience très précieuse en matière de gestion, de comportement professionnel et de participation à la résolution de problèmes critiques et de situations réelles. Il s’agirait également d’un point d’accès aux possibilités de contribuer à l’ensemble des connaissances dans le domaine de la justice sociale, environnementale et économique et à mon propre apprentissage tout au long de la vie. En ce qui concerne mes portefeuilles d’intérêt, cela ne dépend que de la disponibilité, car je suis confiant dans ma capacité à assumer un rôle de direction, d’organisation ou technique en fonction de ce qui est actuellement ouvert.

Benyamin Rumi

My name is Benyamin, and I am a 3rd-year student here at uOttawa. I first learned about OPIRG in my second year at uOttawa as welcome week activities came back after a year’s hiatus, I found that what was offered did not introduce me to the community I was searching for. OPIRG’s alternative 101-week stood out to me and I decided to reach out when I saw they were looking for a Board Member. Working alongside the board members, staff, and circle of elders at OPIRG I feel like I have found a campus organization that really does its best not only to support different groups on campus but also to connect the university with the rest of the Ottawa community. Through working with OPIRG I hope to gain more conflict resolution skills, experience with budgeting, and further experience with the hiring process. I have already had the opportunity to learn so much in the past year, even just by observing and it has all come to use in other places in my life. By working with OPIRG I hope to continue making a space for students on campus, like me, that see OPIRG as representative of their ideals and continuing the work, that many students and staff have started, to make uOttawa a more equitable place.