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Welcoming two new board members!

As a result of our annual board election, the following people have been elected as directors of OPIRG: Gabi Ghannoum Morag Mackenzie They will be joining two other members who are staying on for another term. Together with our staff, they will oversee OPIRG's...

Annual General Meeting and Board Election on April 2nd

OPIRG-GRIPO, your campus-based organization supporting social justice initiatives, is holding its annual general assembly on April 2nd. Come find out about the activities and research we have been involved in over the last year, and also to discuss the next year! As...

Nomination period extended and F.A.Q.

The nomination period to become a candidate for OPIRG's board elections was extended to Wednesday, March 27th at 5 PM. The nomination form can be found at this link: We are also posting...

uOttawa undegrads: Vote yes for OPIRG and student services!

On April 3, 4 and 5, undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa will have the chance to vote in a referendum to re-approve all levied-fees that were implemented through a referendum under the Student Federation (SFUO). As part of the transition between the...

OPIRG board elections: Nomination period begins

We are looking for new board members! Nomination period began this morning and will be open until March 22nd, at 5 PM. The board of administration’s role is to insure that OPIRG-Ottawa fulfills its mandate, to define goals, and establish the organization’s general...


Eligible undergraduate students who wish to withdraw their support from The Ontario Public Interest Research Group-Ottawa (OPIRG) and its mandate will be able to obtain a refund for their $4.05 contribution during the period specified below. OPIRG is a bilingual,...


Founding the Ottawa Transit Riders group @ Jean Pigott Place (City Hall)
Apr 27 @ 14:30
Founding the Ottawa Transit Riders group @ Jean Pigott Place (City Hall)

Welcome to the Founding Meeting / Launch Party of the Ottawa Transit Riders.

Join us as we formally vote on a mandate and structure. We will hold elections for the Board of Directors. If you care about making transit in Ottawa better, come and get involved.

Let us know if you are interested in being a candidate for the Board.

Indicate if you are willing to volunteer – either for the meeting or in future campaigns.

See you there!

Bienvenue à la reunion de fondation / Lancement des Usagers du transport en commun.

Joignez-vous à nous alors que nous adopterons notre mandat et notre structure. Nous tiendrons des élections pour le conseil d’administration. Si vous avez à cœur d’améliorer le transport en commun à Ottawa, impliquez-vous.

Faites-nous savoir si vous êtes intéressé(e) à devenir candidat(e) au Conseil d’administration.

Indiquez si vous êtes prêt à vous porter bénévole – soit pour la réunion, soit pour de futures campagnes.

On se voit le 27 avril!