OPIRG Action Groups

What is an OPIRG action group?

OPIRG-Ottawa’s action groups are made up of dedicated students, university staff and community volunteers who work together on one or more topics related to social, environmental or economic justice. Their activities relieve suffering or promote dignity, health, sustainability or equity. OPIRG action groups are independent and organize a wide variety of events and projects. Action groups receive funding, training and other support from OPIRG-Ottawa. Here is OPIRG’s Action Groups Policy: Action Grps Policy Oct 2017 OPIRG

How to become an action group

Campus-based groups whose activities reflect OPIRG’s mandate can apply to become OPIRG action groups. Please complete the AG application form (AG status application form English) and send it to the Action Groups Coordinator at Ronda@opirg-gripo.ca. Please also contact us if you would like to discuss creating a new group to work on an issue.

Wild Pollinator Partners

Wild Pollinator Partners works in the Eastern Ontario & Outaouais region to support pollinators and to empower people who care.  We bring together people who are interested in wild pollinators and who are motivated to help support their resilience and survival.

We seek to raise awareness and to share information and resources. WPP offers learning opportunities and events, and encourages appropriate action to support wild pollinators.

The photo above was taken on campus by Shang-Yao Peter Lin.


Facebook: @WildPollinators

Twitter: WildPollinators


Critical Urban Research Society

The Critical Urban Research Society is here to encourage people to explore texts broadly related to critical urban studies, with an orientation toward social justice.  We are a reading group that discusses academic texts in a relaxed non-judgemental environment that strives to be a place where ideas can be safely explored.



Peoples’s Republic of Delicious

We’re a food collective at the University of Ottawa that seeks to offer a healthy, environmentally responsible and affordable food alternative on campus and at like-minded events around the city.  The PRD offers vegetable-based meals, and volunteers are invited to help us cook lunch.

prduottawa@gmail.com  http://keepcampusdelicious.wixsite.com/prd-rpd

Revolutionary Student Movement

Sick and tired of being told that the status quo is the best we can do?  Another world free from oppression, exploitation, and alienation is possible and Marxism can help inform us as to how to get there!  We are revolutionary students developing our skills as progressive, anti-oppressive organizers.   Come and check us out, the Revolutionary Student Movement holds separate meetings in French and in English.




Millhaven Lifers Liaison Group

Millhaven Lifers Liaison Group is an advocacy group that aims to combat the stigma attached to those involved with the criminal justice system.  Every month we go and meet with men who are serving life sentences at Millhaven Institute near Bath, Ontario.

Contact:  MLLG@opirg-gripo.ca


Twitter  @MLLGottawa