Circle of Elders

The Vision we try to imprint on our younger generations is closely guided by our ancestral observation that in this universe, forces, fields, objects and living things can find a way of expression by allowing themselves to be guided by sacred original instructions. At the most elevated yet profound level, everything can be understood in such a comprehensive way when we learn to recognize the two opposite forces or fields and see how they counterbalance each other.

Mature cultures, such as the Algonquin people, which our founder, medicine man and wise Elder Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie belonged to, have a common philosophical understanding of our world which is shared by other mature cultures far from Turtle Island to the South. Andean Elder Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas created the Circle of Elders and is helping to guide OPIRG-Ottawa for the sake of our current and coming generations, to the 7th or the 13th skin .

At OPIRG we cherish the teaching of the Story of Turtle Island, which is at the heart of the teachings carried by our Elders.

The most important goal of any human being`s life (or any other sentient being, for that matter) is to become a good ancestor. We see the destructiveness of the current industral civilization, and we must be the strong bridge between our ancestors and the generations to come. This is how the Law of Parity is fulfilled, reverberating cosmic teachings from the Creator.


Elder and medicine man Jacob Wawatie, who now guides us from the joyful realm of the spirits. 

Rachelle Prud`homme is the first grandmother who came to strengthen this circle, with all the powers of the feminine force field.

Marcelo Saavedra-Vargas originally comes from the Abya-Yala (mistakenly and colonially named Latin America).  He is from the country of the four directions: the Inca Confederacy (Tawantinsuyu).