On April 3, 4 and 5, undergraduate students at the University of Ottawa will have the chance to vote in a referendum to re-approve all levied-fees that were implemented through a referendum under the Student Federation (SFUO).

As part of the transition between the SFUO and the new student union, the UOSU, this process of re-approval was made a requirement by the university administration, and as such, all SFUO service centers, businesses, and other fees that were put in place through a referendum of the SFUO will be on a ballot under a single question.

While OPIRG is independent from the SFUO and is administered by its own board of directors, our levy was first established as part of an SFUO referendum in 1977. Along with three other levied campus groups – CHUO radio station, La Rotonde and the Fulcrum – our group will thus feature on the ballot alongside student service centers and businesses.

As a point of clarification, it must be stated that this process is distinct from the changes being brought by the provincial government to student levies. The process is unique to University of Ottawa undergraduate students, and in the case of a yes vote, students would still be able to opt in or out of levies found in the “non-essential” category starting in the fall 2019.

We encourage all uOttawa students to vote YES on April 3-4-5, and to further inform themselves about this situation.

You may find more information about the voting procedures, including the referendum question, on the UOSU website: https://www.uosu-seuo.com/